The video to the right is a small sample of references that Tekmur has worked with the last couple of years.

Area Project Size Scope Tot. Tons Customer Picture
Metal & Foundries Roster 13,5 m Reneval of brick roof and repairs of walls 160 ton metall_boliden metall_gjuterier_roster_boliden
Metal & Foundries Autoclave Greenfield 28 m x 4,5 m Installation of membrane, bricklining and divding walls metall_agnico_eagle metall_gjuterier_autoklav_eagle
Metal & Foundries Electrical furnace 14,5 m Complete installation 1600 ton metall_tizin
Metal & Foundries Induction owens Maintenance  
Paper and Forest Industry Lime Kiln maintenance of 2 kilns 2 x 2.8 m x 90 m Burning zone, Intermediate zone and heating zone demolition and rebricking 128 ton papper_storaenso papper_skogsindustri_kalkugn_stora_enso
Paper and Forest Industry Dam and discharge zone Diameter 4.5 m Insulating, anchor welding and casting casting 26 ton kraft_varme_andritz_pulp_paper papper_skogsindustri_damm_utmatningszon_andritz
Glass & Porcelain Glass melting furnace Complete rebuilding of the Vihtori furnace glas_porslin_iittala glas_porslin_glassmaltugn_vihtori