Welcome to Tekmur

Tekmur has over 30 years of experience with fire and acid-resistant projects in a variety of industries across the world. The strength of the company lies in its ownership structure, which today consists of over 20 owners. Most of our owners work at every level of the company from warehouse operations to installation and management.

Over many years and projects, Tekmur and our network of material suppliers have evolved into a tight knit team that can succeed in any project regardless of its size.

Every day, Tekmur strives towards increased environmental awareness and safety as we fulfill our promises to our customers.

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Metal & Foundries

Power & Heat
Glass & Porcelain
Paper & Forest Industry
Other Industries


Our materials suppliers include:

startsida_zschimmer_schwarz startsida_hasle startsida_saint_gobainstartsida_rhi_refactoriesstartsida_morgan_advanced_materialsstartsida_insulcon  startsida_rath   startsida_steuler_kchstartsida_unifrax